We can't track what we don't measure, so each month we'll show you how to set goals and measure your progress using the BossBabe Scorecard. This is the exact same scorecard we've used to grow BossBabe, so it was only fitting we built it into your member's dashboard.

Don't worry – this is straightforward to use and will ensure you always know your next move.

Your income goal is your revenue goal for the month. (AKA how much revenue are you aiming to bring in?)

If you're just starting out maybe your income goal is $1,000 for the month. You'd enter this into your BossBabe Scorecard.

Your influence goal is your audience goal for the month. In the Audience pillar of the BossBabe Business Blueprint, we help you define which platforms you should build your audience on. Once you're clear on your platform/s, you can then decide on a goal number of followers you'd like to hit on any given month.

Let's say Instagram is the main platform that you're trying to reach your target audience on, and you're trying to hit 10,000 followers for the month. You'd navigate to the BossBabe Scorecard, and enter 10,000 in the Influence section.

You're Scorecard would look like this:

Click submit and you're all set!

Come back periodically, we recommend weekly on a Monday, and input your actuals (ie where you're at in relation to those goals) in the actual column.

Once you do this, you'll be able to track your progress towards your goals in the sidebar so you constantly stay motivated and know where you're headed 🚀

It will look like this:

Confused about what your goals are and how to ensure they're realistic but still challenging? Join our monthly goal-setting calls and we'll walk you through the entire process so you can set goals, the BossBabe way 🎉

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