The Société is the #1 community for ambitious women who are serious about building profitable online businesses. Through hours of video trainings, easy to follow workbooks, Masterclasses from industry leaders, and an inspired community of BossBabes around you, you’ll discover your superpowers and gain the skills you need to start or scale an impactful business, build the influence you’ll need to market your brand, ensure you’re set up for financial and legal success and learn world-class leadership skills.

At BossBabe we know that your daily habits reflect the results you achieve both in your personal and professional life. In The Société, we help you create brand new routines, keep you accountable to your goals, and help you measure your progress each month with our BossBabe Scorecard.

Whether you're at a start-up stage or ready to scale your fully-fledged business The Société are here to support you, and month-on-month we bring you:

  • A brand new beautifully filmed Masterclass from an expert in their field. To view our Masterclass library, click here.

  • Weekly coaching sessions (that help you set goals and create kick-ass strategies to realize them and in which you can have your burning business questions answered by our experts). To view our upcoming calls, click here.

  • Access to the most powerful network in the world for ambitious women. Our advanced search functionality allows you to search based on industry, stage of business, and even what those other members are seeking so you can make sure you’re on the same page before reaching out. Our profiles include enneagram scores, personality tests, star signs...the whole package so you can really get a good understanding of how compatible you are with that person … kind of like a dating profile, but built for BossBabes. To search the BossBabe Directory, click here.

  • Learn Natalie & Danielle's performance, routine & wellness hacks!

    At BossBabe we know that your daily habits reflect the results you achieve both in your personal and professional life, which is why in The Société, we help you learn the health and wellness hacks that keep us feeling, looking, and performing at our best... because we know how much better life and business become when you have more energy to tap into.

    In our BossBabe Boutique, you'll also get access to exclusive discounts from your favorite brands and a look into how we optimize our lives not just for success, but for balance too.

    If you have any questions about The Société we're here to help! Simply email us at [email protected] ❤️

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